Safety certification in United States

Currently there are many certification bodies who can perform safety certification in United States. Below is the brief introduction of the 2 most famous safety certification bodies in United States

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. founded in 1894, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, headquartered in Chicago, with branch offices around the world. UL is USA and also the world's first engaged in product safety testing and certification organization, dedicated to the evaluation of product safety performance, materials and systems. Over the past 110 years, UL leads product safety testing standards and technology in the world.

               UL mark


“ETL” has been around over 100 years, was founded by Thomas Alva Edison in 1896.
ETL certification mark is for products going to US and Canadian markets. The ETL mark means the product has fulfilled the safety requirements through testing under US's NRTL program and/or accredited by Canada's SCC. ETL mark has being fully recognized by US Authorities with the equivalence as UL or CSA marks. A product bearing the ETL Listed Mark is determined to have met the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards.
  ETL mark


Anbotek Advantage
Anbotek is a UL and ETL witness lab. All tests can be carried out at Anbotek and with witness by UL or ETL engineers. Anbotek has serviced for many customers for UL and ETL certifications. Anbotek is specialized in safety testing for adapter, power supply, luminaire, LED bulb and household appliance.

  • Recognized by consumers throughout Germany and EU countries as a symbol of safety and quality
  • Show end users that the product has been independently tested by an authorized third party for safety purpose.
  • Better than the CE Mark since it is verified by a third party testing and certification organization




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