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Frequently Asked Questions

Important formation

When looking for testing and certification services, you might not know about the following facts.

Some Reports and certifications issued from Chinese Local small offices which is located in room of building were invalid and illegal as there is No legal accreditation and No any lab equipments in it.

Half of Reports and certifications provided by factory or supplier from china are fake as per government statistics. As the factory illegally modified the previous reports and certifications by themself for cost consideration or the goods along with fake test report was never sent to lab for testing, this is putting lives at risk and exposing employers(buyer) to possible prosecution.

as your goods without testing or legal certificate.

Most labs only focus on specific product testing, but our lab cover most products or testing categories.

Anbotek has its own local labs with CNAS accreditation in China. Our Lab are also accredited by the members of ILAC.

Reports issued from Anbotek are generally accepted in most of the countries all over the world, including EU, USA, Canada, UK, etc.

Anbotek labs' prices for inspection,testingand certification are 30% lower than prices of other famous testing Lab



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