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Why use Anbotek

Find the Test You Need, Quickly and Easily - Use our online quote system to find all required and suggested tests for legal compliance, quickly and easily; no technical expertise necessary.

Save Time and Money on Testing - Thanks to exclusive our own laboratories, Anbotek can arrange own lab resource to satisfy what you demand with the cheapest and quickest service at a competitive price.

Avoid Fake Test Certificates and Guarantee Test Results - Anbotek will submit the actual test results to retailer directly, not "supplier". The samples are professionally tested by Anbotek labs guaranteeing against fake test certificates.

If Anbotek will be acted as to your pointed Chinese Lab. The actual test results from Chinese samples will be reported to you(final buyer) directly not your supplier or your factory. You will receive a detailed report informing you if the tests passed or failed. No Fake certifications and test reports will be occurred any more .Help you sleeping better.

Costs of inspection, testing, and certification 30% less than other famous testing Lab.



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