Introduction of safety certification in United States

After 100 years as the leading product safety testing and certification organization, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is synonymous with safety. UL’s thorough, precise and independent methods have contributed to its reputation for integrity and confidence, and have made its Mark the most recognized and trusted symbol of safety.
UL is an architect of the U.S. safety system having developed 1,040 product standards and outlines, and actively participates in national and international standards development. UL evaluates more than 19,450 types of products, and 21 billion UL Marks appear in the marketplace. UL audits compliance through more than 600,000 inspections each year.
Consumers and regulatory authorities value UL as a leader on safety issues. With public safety the heart of UL’s mission, UL acts as a safety resource and advocate. UL works closely with customers, regulators, insurers, retailers, consumers and others on research, technology, safety and education initiatives.
Working with 72,542 customers in 99 countries, UL helps enhance safety and quality on a global scale. UL’s services extend from national and regional safety certification, management system registration, performance testing, EMC, NEBS, environmental and public health, water quality, commercial inspection and testing, and consulting and training. Working in 188 locations worldwide, UL’s 6,600+ professionals set the standard in safety.

Scope of Standards Developing Activity

UL Standards are developed using a procedure that provides for participation, review, and comment from groups representing a broad range of interests including industry, government, insurance groups, consumers, other interested parties, and the general public. This procedure takes into consideration the needs and opinions of a wide variety of interests concerned with the subject matter of the standard.
A majority of UL’s standards are recognized as American National Standards, or ANSI standards. ANSI/UL Standards are developed and reviewed through the UL Standards Technical Panel (STP). An STP is a balanced group of individuals representing a variety of interest categories, which is formed to review UL proposals and discuss UL Standards-related issues. The STP serves as the consensus body to review and vote on proposals prior to publication.
UL develops standards addressing the following types of equipment:

  • Electrical Components
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Wire and Cable
  • Appliances
  • Information Technology Equipment
  • Fire Protection Equipment
  • Fire Suppression Equipment
  • Signaling and Alarms
  • Equipment for use in Hazardous Locations

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