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As the biggest toy manufacturing and exporting country, China has been shipping toys to Europe and Northern America. However some of the “made in China” toys were recalled occasionally. Safety issue of toys and Children products are highly concerned around the world. Because the quality of toy directly related to children health, all countries and organizations set up different safety regulations for toys, with frequent updates.
ANBOTEK Toys Laboratories have been qualified with CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), and accredited by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) for CPSIA testing. With experienced professionals and advanced testing equipment, we can provide professional and impartial testing data, reliable one-stop quality service. We assist clients with compliance for international toy markets, whether it is in purchasing of raw materials that meet chemical regulations, designing of products so that they do not pose a physical threat, product testing, or product certification.

Toys are any product or materials which are designed or intended , whether or not exclusively, for children under 14 years of age to play. Base on the insecurity of toys, such as design flaws, toxic substances in the materials, most of the countries have developed their own toy regulations and standards.Toys products must be tested and marked if complying with test standards, or not allowed to production,sale,and import.

1.1、Product Range

Wood Toys

Metal Toys

Plush/Stuffed Toys

Plastic Toys

Paper Toys

Electronic Toys

1.2、Service Items:

Physical & Mechanical Test

Flammability Test

EMC Testing and Certification

Radio-control Toys testing and certification

Electronic Toys

Toxic element of Heavy Metals(

Stuffing Materials(Eyeballing, Chemical)

Organic Compounds Testing

N - nitrosamines and N - nitroso compounds release


MBT Testing in Vulcanized Rubber

Antioxidant Release in Vulcanized Rubber

Color Fastness to Water

Color fastness to perspiration

Nickel Release



BPA Release


1.3、Major Toys Regulations Worldwide

ISO 8124

ISO 8124-1 Part 1 : Safety requirement on mechanical and physical testing

ISO 8124-2 Part 2 : Flammability

ISO 8124-3 Part 3 : Migration of certain elements


EN71-1 : Physical & Mechanical Test

EN71-2 : Flammability test

EN71-3 : Migration of certain elements

EN71-4 : Experimental Set for Chemistry

EN71-5 : Chemical Toys(Sets)other than Experimental Sets

EN71-6 : Graphical Symbol for Age Warning Labeling

EN71-7: Finger Paints

EN71-8: Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use

EN71-9: Organic Chemical Compouds

EN71-12:Nitrosamines and nitrosamine compounds

EN62115:Safety of electronic toys

REACH ANNEX VII,Total Cd,Phthalate,Pahs,etc.



CPSC16CFR Part 1000 to End Federal consumer product safety Act

ASTMF963 toys safety

ANSIZ315.1 tricycle safety

ANSI/UL696 electronic toys safety

CPSC 16CFR1303-Ban of lead-containing paint and certain consumer products bearing lead-containing Paint.



Australia/New Zealand

AS/NZS ISO 8124 Part1: Physical & Mechanical Test

AS/NZS ISO 8124 Part2: Flammability test

AS/NZS ISO 8124 Part3:Migration of certain elements


NBRNM300.1Physical&Mechanical Test

NBRNM300.2Flammability Test

NBRNM300.3Migration of certain elements

NBRNM300.6Electronic Toys


CCPSA SOR/2011 Canada Consumer Products Safety Act

SOR/2010-273 Consumer Products Containing Lead(Contact with Mouth) Regulations

SOR/2010-298 Phthalate regulation

SOR/2005-109Surface Coating Materials Regulations

South Africa

SABSISO8124-1 Toys Safety Part 1: Physical & Mechanical Test

SABSISO8124-2 Toys Safety Part 2:Flammability Test

SABSISO8124-3 Toys Safety Part 3:Migration of certain elements


GB6675 National safety technical code for toys

GB 6675 Part1: Physical & Mechanical Test

GB6675 Part2: Flammability test

GB6675 Part3: Migration of certain elements

GB6675 Part4: Graphical Symbol for Age Warning Labeling


Safety Requirements for Toys and Children Products

Japan ST2012 Japan Toy Association standard

Toy Safety

ST2012 Part1: Physical & Mechanical Test

ST2012 Part2: Flammability test

ST2012 Part3: Migration of certain elements


MS EN71-1: Physical & Mechanical Test

MS EN71-2: Flammability test

MS EN71-3: Migration of certain elements

MS EN71-4: Experimental Set for Chemistry

Saudi Arabia

SSA 765: Playground Equipment

SSA 1063: General Safety Requirements for toys

SSA 1064 Part 1: Physical & Mechanical Test

SSA 1065 Part 2: Flammability test

SSA 1322 RF equipment


SS 474 PT.1

SS 474 Part 1: Physical & Mechanical Test

SS 474 Part 2: Flammability test

SS 474 Part 3: Migration of certain elements

SS 474 Part 4: Experimental Set for Chemistry

SS 474 Part 5 : Chemical Toys(Sets)other than Experimental Sets

SS 474 Part 6 : Graphical Symbol for Age Warning Labeling


TIS 685-2540 Part1: Physical & Mechanical Test

TIS 685-2540 Part2: Flammability test

TIS 685-2540 Part3: Migration of certain elements

Child Use and Care articles are that Manufacturer designed or intended for children under 3 years to promote sleeping or eating,such as pacifiers,teethers,As we know, baby products have a very high requirements on product safety because of its special user group.Lots of products were recalled due to products safety in the international market. Children Care products safety is widely concerned.Countries have developed,and update their own regulations and standards to regulate the safety of child use and care articles.

1、Product Range:

Nipple and Pacifiers

Drinking Equipment

Pacifier Clip

Tableware,like Knife and Fork,Feeding tools,Feeding bottle,etc.


2、Service itmes

Physical & Mechanical Test

Migration of certain elements

N - nitrosamines and N - nitroso compounds release


MBT Testing in Vulcanized Rubber

Antioxidant Release in Vulcanized Rubber

Color Fastness to Water

Color fastness to perspiration

Nickel Release



BPA Release



3、Main Standards in the world

International standard organization

ISO 9221 High Chair


EN13209 Baby Carriers Safety Requirement and Test Methods

EN13210 Children's safety harnesses, reins and similar type articles. Safety requirements and test methods

BS 6684 Specification for safety harnesses (including detachable walking reins) for restraining children when in perambulators (baby carriages), pushchairs and high chairs and when walking

EN12221 Safety requirement for Changing units for domestic use.

EN14988 Children’s High Chair

EN 1272 Table mounted chairs

EN14036 Baby bouncers

Children's cots and folding cots for domestic use

Playpens for domestic use

Carry cots and stands

Cribs and cradles for domestic use

Children's bed guards for domestic use

French Childrens’High Chair



Consumer Safety Specification for Soft Infant and Toddler Carrier

Hand-held infant Carriers

Frame Child Carriers

Safety requirement for baby changing tables for domestic use

Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Diaper Changing Tables for Commercial Use

Consumer safety specification for high chair

Standard Specification for Consumer Safety for Portable Hook-On Chairs

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bouncer Seats

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Full-size Baby Cribs

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toddler Beds

Requirement for Full-size Baby Cribs

Requirements For Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Children's Chairs and Stools

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Booster Seats

Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bedding and Related Accessories.

Austrilia and New zealand

Cots for household use-safety requirements

Folding Cots- safety requirements


Feeding bottles


Children's Jewelry occupies a considerable parts in the jewelry market nowdays, and many parents pay more attention on the safety of Children's Jewelry with its popularity,like earring,rings,necklaces,bracelets,toe rings,watches,brooches,headwear,
etc.In the last couple of years children's Jewelry products have represented a significant portion of the recall notifications by authorities in the EU and United States. Most of countries US,EU,Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia and Japan have also developed their own toy regulations and standards,which means more strict regulation on Children's Jewelry.

1、Service Scope


Accessories Directly touch with Skin

Piercing Accessories

Electronic Accessories





2、Service Item

Total Lead

Total Cadmium

Total Mercury

Soluble Cadmium

Soluble Heavy Metal

Nickel Release



Flame retardant


3、Standards in the world


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

ASTM F 2923

State regulation,like IIIinois,California,etc.


REACH Annex 17

REACH Substance of Very High Concern


(SOR/2011-19)/Children's Jewelley Regulations


Regulation of certain harmful elements in the adornment, including jewelry (intended for adults and children) and ornaments, except gems.



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