Laboratory introduction

Anbotek toy laboratory operats in accordance with the standards of ISO/IEC17025 quality management system of lab, with rich professional knowledge and experience to develop solutions for customers and to add value for their products. We have excellent equipment and professional testing method. We can provide the most effective service for our clients and help toys enterprises access to the global market in an better and faster way..

Product range

Conventional toys: wooden toys, plastic toys, ejection toys, riding toys, stuffed toys, mouth actuated toys, acoustic toys etc.
Electric toys: electric cars, electric aircraft, remote control toy car, model airplane etc.
Anbotek provide more quality services
Discount testing costs, greatly saves you the cost of exports
Fast test speed, 3-5 working days
Warm and efficient service
The professional team of engineers, twelve years of accumulation of experience
Effective improvement service
Toys, children's articles, gifts exported to Europe and the United States market should comply with the following directives 91/173/EEC Pentachlorophenol instruction 2002/61/EC Azo dye instruction 1999/815/EC PVC plasticizer ban 91/338/EC Cadmium direction 91/157/EEC Battery and battery directive PVC phthalic acid lipid content the toy is disabled 2002/96/EC WEEE Waste electrical and electronic equipment directive 89/109/EEC and 90/128/EEC material witch contact with food
2002/95/EC RoHS Hazardous substances in electrical and Electronic
Equipment Directive
And more.....

Toy testing and certification includes International IEC62115

1. Relief test,

2.Label and instruction,

3.Input power test,

4.Temperature test

5. Electric strength test under working temperature

6. Moisture resistance test,

7 Electric strength test under rooming temperature

8. Mechanical strength test,

9. Structural test

10. Cords and wires test


12. Screw and the connection test

13.Creepage distance and clerance

14. Heat and flame resistant test

15. Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards test
European Union
Electromagnetic radiation(EMI)
EN55022, EN55014-1, EN61000-3-2/3
Electromagnetic immunity(EMS)
R&TTE direction RF、EMC and safety test
China GB19865 Toys safety requirement
GB9832 Plush and cloth toys safety and quality
GB5296.5 Toy labelling and instructions for use
Australia AS/NZS 62115 Same as IEC62115

Traditional toys
Regional Standard Traditional test item
ISO8124 International toy safety general standard
ISO8124-1: The physical mechanical properties
ISO8124-2: Combustion performance
ISO8124-1: Migration of certain elements European Union
EN71 EU toy safety s tandards
EN71-1 Physical and mechanical testing
EN71-2 Flammability test
EN71-3 8 kinds of toxic metal elements content test
EN71-4 Chemical experiment toys
EN71-5 Non experiment use of chemical toys
EN71-6 Graphic symbols of age group warning label
EN71-7 Finger Paints
EN71-8 Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
EN71-9 General requirements for organic compounds
EN71-10 Sample preparation and extraction
EN71-11 Method for analysis of organic compounds
EU REACH, SVCH requirements
EU REACH regulations substance of very high concern
EU REACH Annex 17 limit material requirements
Plastic: benzene, cadmium, the adjacent benzene two formic acid salt 6P
Layer: benzene, toluene, cadmium, organic tin, the adjacent benzene two formic acid salt 6P
Metals: cadmium, nickel release
Textile: azo, pentachlorophenol, organic tin, nonylphenol NP and NPEO, the adjacent benzene two
formic acid salt 6P
EU food contact materials regulations
Toys which contact with food need to meet food contact material regulatory requirements
94/42/EC packing instructions
Pb+Cd+Hg+ Six valence chromium <=100mg/kg
ZEK Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHS
American ASTMF963-11 American toy safety standards
4.1 Material quality
4.2 Flammability
4.3 Chemical toxicity (mainly tests the eight heavy metal, total lead, toy filler needtest Pennsylvania filler regulations)
4.25 Battery operated toys
Other provisions on the physical and mechanical properties
CPSIA Total lead and phthalate requirement
EPA USA Environmenta
l Protection Bureau
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHS
China GB6675 Safety Specif ication for toy
Appendix A: physical and mechanical properties
Appendix B: combustion performance
Appendix C: migration of certain elements (eight heavy metal)
Japan ST2002 Japanese toy standards
Potassium permanganate consumption, evaporation residues, heavy metals: lead, arsenic, cadmium



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