Laboratory introduction

Anbotek Compliance Laboratory Limited(Hereinafter referred to as Anbotek), founded in Shenzhen China in May,2004, the wireless communication department consists of a group of senior wireless communication technology engineers, including wireless certification of EU R&TTE,American FCC ID,Canada IC, Japan TELEC,Korea KCC,Chinese SRRC,Australian radio and more than 40 countries and regions. With excellent RF testing and
certification experience and many years working experience in EMC. Anbotek can better understand the latest information and regulations to adapt the future development trend of electronic products and to meet the domestic and foreign numerous wireless communication products certification requirements.

Anbotek has obtained Chinese CNAS authorization certificate (Certification No.L3503), thus obtained International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ILAC certificate. Anbotek has been authorized by many international agencies, including America FCC, TIMCO, SIEMIC, Canada IC, Germany TUV-SUD, EMCC, Eurofins, PHOENIX, Holland TELECONFORMITY and Norway NEMKO and etc. Anbotek has good relationship with Japan, South Korea, Australia and several European Notify Bodies. Anbotek can act as an agent for the electronic companies to apply for product certification.

Service Advantage

Obtain the national CNAS accreditation, EU Notified Body, American FCC, Canada IC and other international authoritative body accreditation

Fully equipped RF testing instrument, meet the RF test in each frequency band, instruments are from the professional world famous brands, such as Germany R&S, American Agilent, Germany Schwarzbeck, provides the powerful safeguard for the precision of test data.

Maintain close cooperation relationship with many NB, TCB and other international authoritative bodies. Lead time of certification and technical support is more competitive than others, which can help your product quickly access into the international market.

Organize product information for you, avoid arranging complex data, and save your time.

Free retest costs

Provide professional technical support and advice on product design and development stage, help you avoid potential nonconformities, and help you minimize the R & D cost.

Experienced engineers, provide inspection and certification service for you One to one technical service and project management.

Release the latest wireless information regularly, help you to become the industry leader.

Service Area

Product Testing Service / Type Approval for Each Country
Wireless Transceivers Testing Service / Report Issue / Application Service
Low Power Product Testing Service / Debug / Report Issue/ Apply Service
Telecom Product Testing Service / Report Issue/ Application Service
Wireless Standard / Mobilephone / Telecom technology Consulting Service
RF Testing for Home and Abroad / Debug / Report Issue/ Application Service

Product Range

Wireless products:
Bluetooth products, flat panel computer, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless reader, wireless transceiver, walkie
talkie, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless devices, wireless image transmission system and other low powe
wireless products.
2G mobile phone, 3G mobile phone, 3.5G mobile phone, DECT mobile phone (1.8G, 1.9G band), wireless walkie talkie
Telephone, wired telephone main machine, fax machine, telephone answering machine, data, data interface card and othe
communication products.
Test Item
Frequency error Radiation carrier power Conduction carrier power Power flatness
Spurious emission (<1GHz) Spurious emission (>1GHz, <26.5GHz) Conduction stray Inter-modulation attenuation
Power spectral density Duty cycle Phase error Frequency response Transient power Adjacent channel power Modulation bandwidth Adjacent channel signal selectivity Dispersion signal suppression Inter-modulation immunity SAR Test
FCC OET65 RSS 102 EN 50385 EN



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