Laboratory introduction

To make large amount electronic products to be "light, thin, short, small" , the battery as best power supply has been widely used. Anbotek has greatly increased the investment in recent years, improved a variety of battery testing instruments and equipment, employed senior battery engineers and technicians.

Anbotek has been accredited by many other certification bodies. Anbotek can provide testing and certification services for customers to ensure the battery quality can meet international standards and customer equirements.

Service Advantage

Testing and certification;
Globally recognized test report and certification;
Battery performance evaluation, tailored professional test solution for your products;
Battery single item test service, provide customers with the strict conditions of the test and release professional reports
Short test cycle, urgent issuance of test report and certificate;
Transportation identification for lithium batteries (UN38.3) and MSDS report.

Product Range

A secondary battery
Ordinary dry batteries, alkaline zinc manganese batteries, lithium manganese batteries, lithium thionyl chloride
Nickel battery Nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride battery
Lithium battery Lithium metal batteries, lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery
Lead acid battery Car start regulated lead-acid batteries, fixed lead-acid batteries, small valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery
Secondary battery for digital
Mobile phone batteries, notebook computer batteries, digital camera batteries, camera batteries, portable DVD
batteries, CD and MP3 player battery, flat computer battery, wireless communication battery
Power battery Power car batteries, electric road vehicles batteries, hybrid cars batteries, electric tool batteries
Energy storage battery Solar energy storage battery, wind energy storage battery
Mobile power Rechargeable mobile power supply for portable devices

Testing Scope

Safety test:Crush, over charge, over discharge, external short circuit, heating, impact, shock, forced discharge, puncturing,
Forced internal short circuit
Electrical performance test: the cycle life, high-rate discharge, high and low temperature discharge;
Environmental and mechanical test: High temperature exposure, high temperature storage, room temperature storage, high temperature and high humidity, Simulated altitude (low pressure), temperature cycling, vibration, mechanical shock, drop;
Certification And Testing Standards
Product Test standard
UN38.3 Lithium battery ST-SG-AC10-11-Rev5-Amend1e(1) Part 38.3
MSDS report Battery N.A
CB Portable sealed secondary cell and battery IEC 62133
Portable sealed secondary cell and battery EN 62133
stationary valve regulated lead acid battery EN 60896-21,22
lithium battery EN 60086-4
Aqueous electrolyte primary battery EN 60086-5
IEC/EN Report
Portable sealed secondary cell and battery IEC/EN 61960
Nickel cadmium battery IEC/EN 61651-1
Nickel hydride battery IEC/EN 61651-2
TUV Portable sealed secondary cell and battery IEC 62133
RoHS Battery 2011/65/EU
The European
Battery 2006/66/EC
North America
Lithium cell UL1642
Household and commercial batteries UL2054
Electric vehicle battery UL2580
Energy storage battery UL1973
Light electric vehicle battery UL2271
FCC Battery Part 15B
Japan PSE
Portable sealed secondary cell and battery JIS C8712
Lithium batteries and battery for portable
electronic devices
JIS C8714
Korea KC
Portable sealed secondary cell and battery K62133
NIMH and NiCd batteries K10024
Nigeria SONCAP Battery Corresponding to the IEC standard
Saudi Arabia SASO Battery Corresponding to the IEC standard
China CQC
Lithium ion battery for cellular phone GB/T 18287
Primary lithium battery GB 8897.4
Aqueous electrolyte primary battery GB 8897.5
Lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles QC/T 743



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