LM-80 Life Aging Test System

In the context of the LED technical innovation, many countries start to standardize the specification, testing and certification of LED lighting to regulate and promote the lighting market. The US ENERGY STAR certification is forefront of the world. Currently, the governments of the U.S., the Canadian and Australian are promoting the ENERGY STAR certification. Qualified products can get rebates from many programs in these countries. More and more manufacturer vigorously proceed ENERGY STAR application and certification.

Generally, one year will be needed for ENERGY STAR testing and certification. To shorten the cycle time, the special certification policy was provided for IES LM-80 testing.

The case temperature (Ts) and ambient temperature (Ta) is strictly required by IES LM-80-08. The temperature of the surrounding air should be maintained to within -5°C of the case temperature during testing. Many manufacturer and even some of the laboratories perform the test by temperature and humidity chamber, which can’t control the temperature of Ts precisely, especially for high power LED module or array. The heating is not all for the testing chamber to control the Ts temperature of high power LED, when the Ts may be higher than the controlled target temperature. The poor control of the Ts will lead to the products failed to meet ENERGY STAR lumen maintenance requirements. ANBOTEK, as an ENERGY STAR partner and the best testing and certification body, with strong capacity and rich experience, based on years of development, successfully developed a cost-effective and precise LM-80 aging test system, which can achieve precise control of temperature Ts and Ta. Because of friendly interface, easy operation and lower cost, we got a lot of favor once the equipment is launched. We got many domestic and international invention patents and sold it to many manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan and mainland. Some of them are building their own first party testing laboratory.


ANBOTEK provide the following service to build a first party test lab:

■ IES LM-80 related testing and certification

- How to perform IES LM-80 test

- How to prepare the IES LM-80 report

- How to calculate the L70 Life time of LEDs.

■ Training of Standard and test method

- IES LM-80 test method training

- IES LM-80 test result analysis and report.

- Training for IES TM-21 and ENERGY STAR specification.

■ LM-80 testing laboratory

-IES LM-80 testing platform

-Training for proficient test

-Training for Comparison test

-Training for uncertainty

■ Training for EPA recognized test laboratory

-ISO/IEC17025 quality systems training

-EPA recognized to conduct testing for LED package, LED array or LED module.

-Accredited by CNAS, or NVLAP(LAB CODE 201045-0) as a first party laboratory.

Solid State Lighting revolution will be all over the world. The company will lead the revolution only if they have innovation, integrate resources and break traditional thinking.

We ANBOTEK, as always, with innovative technology and R&D capabilities, professionalism, quality of service concept, will lead the LED industry towards a new era



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