Laboratory Introduction

Anbotek lighting laboratory covers an area of 2000 square meters, employed lamp testing and certification engineers more than 20 and equipped with international testing equipment. Anbotek has provided testing and certification services for more than 5600 large and medium-sized lighting manufacturing enterprises during the past 10 years.

Anbotek can provide Energy Star certification for LED and CFLs lighting products with a comprehensive solution. Anbotek can also provide test in accordance with USA California Energy Commission (CEC) and European energy efficiency directives.

Energy Star Introduction

With the rapid growth of the world economy, the global energy shortage, the continuing global launch of some regulations and energy saving plan, such as American Energy Star Plan. If the products can pass the energy star certification, it will be widely accepted in the US markert.

Authorization Certificate

USA EPA recognized Laboratory
USA EPA Energy Star lighting recognized laboratory
Energy efficiency in California recognized testing laboratory
America DOE LIGHTING FACTS LABEL authorized testing laboratory
DLC accredited laboratories by U.S. DOE accredited laboratory
UL authorized test lab, LED lamps designated testing laboratories in South China
TUV authorized testing laboratory
Product testing public service platform designated by government
Registered lab under China, Hong Kong and Australia energy efficient agency.
Lighting curve, UV value , light intensity, luminance, LM-80 lumen maintenance testing
Lighting facts label, Lighting Design Lab(LDL),Design Lights Consortium(DLC),FTC Label and etc..

Service Scope

Photometric Testing (LM-79) Lamp aging test (LM-65)
Energy start testing(ENERGY STAR®) U.S. Energy efficiency label(DOE-Lighting Facts Label)
General Lighting self-ballasted fluorescent lamps - Performance
requirements (IEC 60969)
Fluorescent Lamps (IES LM-9, IES LM-40)
Lighting Design Alliance(DLC-Design Lighting Consortium) Solid-State Lighting (IES LM-79, CIE 127)
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (IES LM-65, LM-66) LED Package/Array/Module (IES LM-80)
Photo biological Safety (IEC 62471, CIE S009)

Life test Fluorescent lamps performance
Spatial non-uniformity of chromaticity Ballast performance
Lumen maintenance(IESNA LM-80…) LED power supply performance
Photoelectric color test (color rendering index, color temperature, flux,
spectral distribution, luminous efficiency, color tolerance, Duv, voltage,
current, power)
Power factor, etc. CRI、CCT、Lumens、Spectrum、Efficacy、Color
shift、Duv、Voltage、current、power、power factor.
LED electric and photometric (IESNA LM-79…) Photometric-light distribution test (ies file)
Light source (LED、Filament/halogen、CFLs、Single/Double capped fluorescent、HID and Electrodeless)

Optical Performance Test Item

Integrating sphere test item
S/P ratio Voltage Current
Power PF:Power factor Frequency
Radiated power SDCM:Color tolerance Color deviation
Chromaticity Coordinates THD:Total Harmonic Distortion Peak wavelengh
Correlated Colour temperature Energy efficiency(EEI0:Energy efficiency index Colour rendering index
Total luminous flux luminous efficiency Spectral Power Distribution
Photometric and colorimetric measurements Power and energy



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