Laboratory introduction

Anbotek has introduced a large walk-in constant temperature chamber and equipped with high precision power meter.

Accredited by CNAS and Energy star scheme, Anbotek can provide one-stop professional certification service for national and international customers, which can make the products access into global market easily..

Certification Program

Europe: ErP directive & energy label instructions
Canada: NRCan
America: Energy start、DOE and CEC
Australia: MEPS
Hongkong: Energy efficiency label EEL
China: Energy efficiency label
Korea: MEPS, e-standby
Japan: Energy saving label

Testing Scope

EC 1275/2008: Standby and off mode power consumption EC 107/2009: Simple set-top box
EC 278/2009: External power supply EC 642/2009: TV
EC 643/2009: Household refrigeration equipment IEC 62087: 2008 Audio, video and related equipment energy consumption
measuring method
IEC 62301: 2005 Household electrical appliances. Standby
power measurement
AS/NZS 4665.1:2005 External power source part 1: test method and the energy
efficiency label
AS/NZS 4665.2:2005 External power source part 2: Minimum
energy consumption standard conditions
GB 20943-2007 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and
evaluating values of energy conservation for single voltage external

Product Range

U.S. energy efficiency: refrigerators, freezers Hong Kong: air conditioner, refrigeration appliances
China: computer monitors, household refrigerators Japan: air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, television
Australia: LCD TV, display cabinet freezer, commercial refrigerator, The U.S. energy star, such as refrigerators, TV, VCR, cordless phones,

Service Advantage

A full range of safety testing and certification of energy efficiency service to provide
you with one-stop solution.
The first domestic private laboratory accredited by CNAS and energy star scheme at
the field of refrigeration equipment. The test data and report can be globally
accepted. Professional technical tea and rich experience may help you solve all the

Service Range

Home appliance energy efficiency of each country
Home appliance energy star
The energy label of each country

Country Refrigeration equipment efficiency standard

Saudi Arabia SASO 2664/2007 Household cooler, cooler and refrigerated cooler energy, performance and capability
European EN 153: 2006 Electric household cooler, food refrigerator, freezers, food cold storage refrigerator energy consumption test method
household ISO 15502:2005 /IEC 60552:2007 Household refrigerating appliances - characteristics and test methods
European ISO23953-1:2005 Refrigeration display cabinets
AS 4474-1:2007+A1:2008 Household appliances performance testing - refrigeration equipment - energy consumption and performance
AS/NZS 4474.2 : 2009 Household appliances performance testing - refrigeration equipment - energy consumption label and the minimum
energy consumption requirements
Refrigeration display cabinets part 2 General mechanical and physical requirements AS1731.2-2003+A1-2005
Refrigeration display cabinets part 3 Linear dimensions and volume AS1731.3-2003+A1-2005
Refrigeration display cabinets part 4 General testing conditions AS1731.4-2003+A1-2005
Refrigeration display cabinets part 5 Storage temperature test AS1731.5-2003+A1-2005
Refrigeration display cabinets part 9 Energy consumption test AS1731.9-2003+A1-2005
Refrigeration display cabinets part 13 Test rreport AS1731.13-2003+A1-2005
Refrigeration display cabinets part 14 Minimum energy consumption requirements AS1731.14-2003+A1-2005
Energy star
Residential refrigerator and refrigerator-freezer 10 CFR 430,Subpart B, Appendix A1(Code of Federal Regulations )
Energy star program requirements for residential use cooler and cooler, version 4.1
Residential use cooler 10 CFR 430,Subpart B, Appendix B1(Code of Federal Regulations)
Energy star program requirements for residential use cooler and cooler, version 4.1
Commercial refrigerators and freezers ANSI/ASHRAE 72-2005 Commercial refrigerators and freezers test method
Energy star program requirements for commercial cooler and freezer, version 2.1



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