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Factory Audit

To help you ensure that your potential or existing suppliers deliver high-quality products, operate efficiently, and support continuous improvement, process surveys and factory audits can be performed.

What is a Factory Audit?

The objective of a Factory Audit is to ensure that the factory you choose is capable of producing your goods to your required specifications and within your given timeframe.

The Factory Audit can cover issues such as:

Is your supplier 'ISO 9001 certified' by a reputable certification body?
Has the supplier implemented Quality Management System (QMS) standards to manage its key business processes? A QMS can help the supplier achieve greater consistency in the production process.
The existence and reliability of the factory (monthly production capabilities, the type of machinery used, the main products produced, and in-house/outsourced operations)
Whether the premises and factory capacities correlate with your order (assessing production facilities, the quality control system  for incoming goods inspection, in-process controls and final online inspections); how is packaging material handled; how is non-conforming material handled; how are communication, document control & workflow; and complaints management managed?
The training and experience of the workforce as well as the working conditions

Audit of manufacturing capability:

Our inspectors will do on-site auditing of the factory's manufacturing capability, including the actual conditions of workshop, production line, machinery equipment, workers' skill, raw material, production technique, quality control system, etc. and issue the audit report.
Manufacturing schedule control:
According to the client's requirement about the delivery, we will supervise the factory's manufacturing process performance on-site to ensure the delivery schedule, and issue audit report.

Audit of quality control capability:

According to the client's or the current international standard ISO9000, our inspectors will do on-site audit of the factory's quality management system and issue the audit report.

Factory Capability & Capacity

Order/ Product Review

Purchasing & Storage

Incoming Inspection

Manufacturing Process

Quality control system

Semi-finished and finished product management

Calibration and Maintenance

Training/ Complaint/ Internal Audit

Continuous Improvement

Audit of the environmental management capability:

According to the client's or the current international standard ISO14000, we will audit the factory's environmental management system. Evaluate the influences posed on environment from the products and production process, and submit the suggestions for improvement for the factory and issue the audit report.


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