Electronic products and electric products, which will be exported to American market, need FCC certification and are labeled with FCC identifier. FCC is an abbreviation for federal Communications Commission.
There are three ways of FCC certification:
For the following products: AV products, telephone, common household appliance, and
  digital equipments applied to PC and peripheral of PC.
Ways of certification:

Complete a verification report in a lab accredited by FCC.

二、 FCC DOC  
For the following products : IT products, especially for PC and peripheral of PC.
Ways of certification : As for the above products, manufacturers are required to apply
  for FCC test in labs accredited by A2LA or NVLAP. CTS test body
  is accredited by A2LA. DOC reports are issued when products
  passed the test. Manufacturer can mark FCC identifier on their
  products and make export to America .
For the following products : R&TTE products, PC and peripheral of PC.
Ways of certification :

Products are required to apply for test. When products passed

  the test and gained test reports, relevant technical documents
  including photos of products, block diagram, user's manual are
  required to be sent to FCC TCB test body together with the test
  reports. CTS is FCC TCB test body. After making sure all the
  documents are right, FCC TCB will issue a certificate.
For the clients who apply for FCC CERTIFICATION for the first time, it is necessary for them to apply for a grantee code. After passing the test and getting a certificate, the products will be marked with FCC ID code and they have access to American market.




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