Anbotek Energy Star test laboratory

Anbotek Energy Star test laboratory


   ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary   
program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate  
through superior energy efficiency. This program covers most energy efficiency of our residential energy related equipment, such as: Fluorescent and LED lighting equipment,Appliances,heating and cooling,Electronics and office equipment, commercial food service equipment, building, etc.

Anbotek’s Authorization:

Anbotek is an EPA-recognized laboratory.
Anbotek is an DOE-recognized laboratory.
Anbotek is a NVLAP-recognized energy star test laboratory.
Anbotek is a CEC-recognized test laboratory.
Anbotek is an UL-Authorized test laboratory.
Anbotek is a TUV-Authorized test laboratory.
Anbotek is a CNAS-recognized test laboratory.

Anbotek can provide the following service:
Energy efficacy testing service for SSL product.
According to ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements Lams V1.1(anticipated to be effective in 2014 to replace ILL V1.4 and CFL V4.3) (Light Bulbs)
Scope of specification:Omnidirectional LED Lamps,Directional LED Lamps,  and Decorative LED Lamps;Bare, Covered and Reflector CFLs.
According to ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Luminaires (Light Fixtures) V1.2
Scope of specification:Directional Luminaire, Non-directional Luminaire and Commercial Lumianire.



LED Component






Energy efficiency category of lighting products





LED Lamps, LED luminaries/Fixtures,                      
CFLs,GU24 CFLs,Fluorescent luminaries/fixture,Ballast(CSD),fluorescents lamps(CSD)

USA and Canada

DesignLights Consortium        

LED luminaries


Lighting facts label

LED lighting products


California CEC

LED luminaries/Fixtures,CFLs,GU24 CFLs,Ballast(CSD),fluorescent lamp ballasts,Emergency lighting

USA California

ERP Directive

Non-directional lamps(CFLs,Filament/halogen lamps),Single/Double capped fluorescent lamps,Luminaries,Ballasts

European Union

European Energy Efficiency Class

Lamps (CFLS,LED and halogen/filament)

European Union


LED lighting products



LED component


Introduction of Equipment

Anbotek has GSM-3000 goniophotometer test equipment,the size of the test room is 15m*7m*7m(length*width*height),1.5m integrating sphere,2.0m integrating sphere and 0.3m integrating sphere test equipment.LM-80 aging equipment,Photobiological Safety(IEC 62471) test equipment.





















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