Energy Star in the US
ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. This program covers most energy of our residential energy related equipment, such as: Appliances, Fluorescent and LED lighting equipment, Electronics and office equipment, heating and cooling, commercial food service equipment, building, etc.
To ensure consumer confidence in the ENERGY STAR label and to protect the investment of ENERGY STAR manufacturing partners, EPA requires all ENERGY STAR products to be third-party certified. This requirement includes product testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory that meets international standards for quality and competency, review of the product by an EPA-recognized certification body to determine ENERGY STAR eligibility, and ongoing testing to ensure that products continue to deliver superior energy efficiency and performance. 
Anbotek is an EPA-recognized laboratory and certification body. We can provide one-stop testing and certification service according to ENERGY STAR program.
Anbotek is an EPA-recognized certification body for all lighting and electronics equipment.
Anbotek is an EPA-recognized laboratory.

Anbotek can provide the following service:

Energy Star
Photometric Testing (LM-79) Lamp aging test (LM-65)
Energy start testing(ENERGY STAR®) U.S. Energy efficiency label(DOE-Lighting Facts Label)
General Lighting self-ballasted fluorescent lamps – Performance requirements (IEC 60969)
Fluorescent Lamps (IES LM-9, IES LM-40)
Lighting Design Alliance(DLC-Design Lighting Consortium) Solid-State Lighting (IES LM-79, CIE 127)
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (IES LM-65, LM-66) LED Package/Array/Module (IES LM-80)
Photo biological Safety (IEC 62471, CIE S009)
Life test Fluorescent lamps performance
Spatial non-uniformity of chromaticity Ballast performance
Lumen maintenance(IESNA LM-80…) LED power supply performance
Photoelectric color test (color rendering index, color temperature, flux,
spectral distribution, luminous efficiency, color tolerance, Duv, voltage,
current, power)
Power factor, etc. CRI、CCT、Lumens、Spectrum、Efficacy、Color
shift、Duv、Voltage、current、power、power factor.
LED electric and photometric (IESNA LM-79…) Photometric-light distribution test (ies file)
Light source (LED、Filament/halogen、CFLs、Single/Double capped fluorescent、HID and Electrodeless)



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