Laboratory introduction

Anbotek environment reliability laboratory has been accredited by National Laboratory (CNAS) and China Metrology Accreditation (CMA), equipment with perfect testing equipment.

The equipment includes temperature and humidity chambers with constant and changeable temperatures, large drying container, vibration tester, mechanical shock tester, drop tester, salt spray tester, IP tester and etc..

Service Advantage

Globally recognized test report ;
Tailored test plan ;
Professional test team
Answer professionally all technical questions about reliability
Efficient test arrangement and fast issuance of testing report
One to one customer service and technical support

Product range

1. Computer: Notebook, desktop computer, moniter, server, computer components,
2. Electronic communications: mobile phone, electronic communication devices etc.;
3. lamps, luminiares, household electrical appliance;
4. Electronic components, electronic connectors, PCB & PCBA etc.
5. Others: packing, transportation equipment etc..

Testing Scope

Mechanical environment test
Test item Reference standard
Vibration Test IEC 60068-2-6(GB2423.10),GB/T4857.7,ISO 2247,ASTM D999
Mechanical shock Test IEC 60068-2-27(GB/T 2423.5),MLT-STD-202G,EIA-364-27
Free Fall Test IEC 60068-2-32(GB/T 2423.8),ISTA,GB/T4857.5
Impact Test IEC 60068-2-29(GB/T 2423.6),GB/T 4857.20
Tumble Test IEC 61558-1(GB 19212.1)
Insertion/Removal Life Test /
Key-press Life Test /
Climate environmental testing
Low Temp. Test IEC 60086-2-1(GB/T 2423.1)
High Temp. Test IEC 60086-2-2(GB/T 2423.2)
Steady state damp heat / Cyclic damp heat test IEC 60068-2-78(GB/T 2423.3),IEC 60068-2-30(GB/T 2423.4),EIA 364
Temperature Cycling Test IEC 60068-2-38(GB/T 2423.34)
Salt Mist Test IEC 60068-2-11(GB/T 2423.17),ISO 4628.3,ASTM B117,JIS-Z2371
Temperature Shock Test IEC 60068-2-14(GB/T 2423.22)
IP Test IEC/EN60529(GB4208)
UV Test ISO 4892.3,GB/T 16422.2,ASTM G 155
Xenon Lamp Test ISO 4892.2,GB/T 16422.2,ASTM G 155
Gas Corrosion Test IEC 60068-2-60.EOA-364-65,GB/T 2423.51
Temperature and Low Pressure Test IEC 60068-2-41(GB/T 2423.26)
Reliability test
MTBF Test Telcordia SR332 ,Siemens SN 29500
Comprehensive test
Temp./Humidity/Vibration Test GB/T 2423.35,GB/T 2423.36
HALT Test /



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