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Corporate Social Audit

What is Corporate Social Audit?The Corporate Social Audit (CSA) should be performed to ensure that you are doing business with factories in which social rights are respected.

The added value of a Social Audit

Our experienced social auditor, with 10 years of experience in Social Responsibility Audits will check the factory according to international standards and the SA8000 recognized standard.

We will work with you to prepare this social audit with your factory. We have a protocol but we can follow your requirements to go further in the “social friendly” specifications. It would also enhance your image by being socially compliant, more responsible and more trustable.

What do we check during a Corporate Social Audit?

Child labor,

Forced labor.

Health & Safety.

Freedom of association and right to bargain.


isciplinary practices.

Working hours and Environment.


Management Systems.

Following a social audit, we issue a Corrective Action Plan, explaining the required improvements and corresponding timetable to the factory. Our approach is pragmatic and efficient.


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