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The “Certificate Verification” can be used to trace validated CE certificates issued by Anbotek since 1 January 2007.

Important Notice

Fake CE conformance certificates are a growing menace in the safety industry. An increasing number of products are being sold, which have never been properly tested and are accompanied by fake CE certificates. This is putting lives at risk and exposing employers to possible prosecution. The certificate shown on the right is a fake, supposedly issued by a Anbotek test house, but in reality this product was never tested by them. The product does not perform to the strict requirements of EN xxxxx.

If you have some doubts about certificate send by your factory at your hand

1.) Is it genuine?

2.) Is it valid currently?

3.) Is the test passed?

4.) Were all necessary current standards tested?

5) Is certification company ISO/EN 17025 accreditation Lab?

6) Has certification company had scope of testing which cover your products?

If you believe a CE certificate to be fake, or are unsure of its authenticity please contact us via the following contact details and they will be happy to verify or propose any action


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