Chemical Laboratory Introduction

Anbotek chemical laboratory has equipped with the world's leading chemical analysis instruments and modern equipment manufactured by America, Japan and Switzerland, with experienced professional and technical team and ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory quality assurance system.

Anbotek is specialized in providing RoHS test, REACH test, MSDS assessment service, halogen free test, DMF test, PAHs test, toy test, phthalic acid lipid test, WEEE service, PoHS test, food contact material test, cosmetics test, textile testing, leather and shoe material test, feed test, metal and nonmetal material composition analysis service.

Testing Scope

Electrical and electronic products / synthetic resin / plastic
European RoHS detection
Chinese RoHS detection
Voluntary certification of electronic information products pollution control implementation of national unity
WEEE instruction identification and testing services
Norway PoHS ten hazardous substances
phthalic acid lipid detection
Halogen free testing
PFOA&PFOS testing
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) test
DMF detection
Four brominated bisphenol A (TBBP-A) detection
Triclosan detection
Musk xylene, artificial musk ketone test
Formaldehyde testing
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), polychlorinated biphenyl (PCN), polychlorinated NaI (PCT) detection
Asbestos detection
Organic tin compounds testing
VOC volatile organic compounds
Chlorinated paraffin (SCCP&MCCP) detection
Cadmium and compounds (directive 91/338/EEC) testing

REACH SVHC detection
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) certification program
Toy / Textile / leather / Footwear / furniture etc.
Toy soluble heavy metals (19) testing
The heavy metal content test, six chromium detection
phthalic acid lipid detection
Detection of volatile aromatic amines and organic compounds
Formaldehyde detection
The amount of nickel release testing
Disable AZO detection
PCP (Pentachlorophenol) testing
Organic tin compounds testing
Food and food contact materials / cosmetics / feed
Physical and chemical indicators: detection of moisture, ash, pH etc.
Heavy metal testing
Phthalic acid lipid plasticizer detection
Detection of melamine
Tonyred testing
Pesticide residues in food detection
America food contact materials FDA Standard Test
EU food contact materials EU Standard Test
German food contact materials LFGB Standard Test
The French food contact materials DGCCRF Standard Test
China food contact materials GB Standard Test
Packaging materials / battery
Heavy metals in packaging materials testing(94/62/EC)
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment detection(WEEE)
Total mercury content detection
Six valence chromium content detection
Metal material / non-metallic material analysis
Analysis of various metals (qualitative, quantitative)
Stainless steel category identification(301、304、316、316L etc.)
Analysis of carbon sulfur content (only measure for metal)
Analysis of nonferrous metal element (aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy, tin alloy, zinc alloy etc.)
Analysis of plastic, rubber and other organic compounds (qualitative, semi quantitative)
Analysis of organic solvent composition (paint, paint, printing ink etc.)



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